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What Makes an Ideal Reparations Package?: A Typological Examination of Reparations for Jon Burge Torture Survivors

In Maddie Anderson’s BA Thesis, she “explores the question “how effective was the Burge reparations package?” I define reparations and create a typology of reparations based on international and national case studies. I then use that, as well as interviews with torture survivors, the mothers of torture survivors, and the authors and implementers of the Burge reparations package, to judge the efficacy of the Burge reparations package and make recommendations about what work should still be done to improve the plight of torture survivors."

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Motherhood en Acción: Gender, Latinidad, and Community Action in Pilsen, 1973-1987

From her research description, Elizabeth Dia’s thesis “offers a history of Mujeres Latinas en Acción, a women’s community organization in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. This thesis begins by describing the gender norms and views of ethnic identity in the neighborhood in the early 1970s, before turning to the organization’s founding and early programs serving young women. This paper argues that Mujeres used community activism to broaden practices associated with motherhood to include supporting the whole Latina/o community. “

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"Chicago On the Aisle: Claudia Cassidy's Music Criticism and Legacy"

Hannah Edgar’s B.A. thesis explores explores the life and influence of art critic, Claudia Cassidy. From a section of Hannah’s description of her thesis: “For most of her life, Claudia Cassidy (1899–1996) was Chicago’s most prolific and widely read critic, and, as this paper argues, one of the most influential arts critics of the twentieth century. She began her career at the Chicago Journal of Commerce (1924–1941), moving from there to the Chicago Sun (1941–42) and then to the Chicago Tribune (1942–65), where she reached the height of her influence. After leaving the Tribune, Cassidy wrote for numerous local and national publications as a critic-at-large. In total, her career spanned five beats (music, theater, dance, books, and film), two continents (North America and Europe), and nearly seven decades, giving her a uniquely privileged vista of the twentieth century’s performing arts.” Click below to read further.

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