Citizens Police Data Project

The Citizens Police Data Project (CPDP) is the result of a seven year lawsuit against the City of Chicago that culminated in the Supreme Court of Illinois ruling records of police misconduct should be available to the public. Following the decision, the City agreed to release public disciplinary data from 1967 to present. The Fraternal Order of the Police subsequently received an injunction for the data, which resulted in certain data items being removed from publication. 

Currently, the Invisible Institute has made sense of 56,000 data sets through the CPDP. Through the beta version of the portal, visitors can access the cause and result of allegations made against CPD officers by police district, ward, police beat, and neighborhood. Additionally, visitors can search officer's units, ranks, history of complaints, date of joining the force, race, and sex. Other data includes co-accussed offers, category of accused crime, and the background of complainants. 

The Invisible Institute is currently in the process of releasing more data over time. By early 2018, they plan to update their beta version with use of force, awards, salary, unit profile, and source of complaints data.